3 dagen, 5 dagen, Cursus, Javascript, Level 300, Ontwikkelaars, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016

(Retired) JavaScript deep-dive for SharePoint Developers

Retirement date: September 30, 2017

This training will be extended to 5 days starting from November 2016.

New course: Developing with the SharePoint Framework

This three-day instructor-led course is intended for Experienced Microsoft SharePoint developers who want to be able to create client-side applications and/or SharePoint add-ins using JavaScript. In the course, students learn the basics and potential pitfalls of JavaScript and jQuery. They are also introduced to the SharePoint app model and to the JavaScript Clientside Object Model. Students leard how to communicate with SharePoint using REST and OAuth. Also, JSLink is introduced as a way to customize SharePoint rendering. Finally, some popular JavaScript libraries are presented and used within a SharePoint context: Angular.js, Breeze.js.

Audience Profile
This course is intended for experienced SharePoint developers with limited to intermediate JavaScript experience. They should be familiar with common SharePoint terminology.

At Course Completion

  • Write basic JavaScript
  • Write JavaScript functions
  • Use some advanced JavaScript patterns like Module and Class
  • Use new features introduced with the ECMASCRIPT 5 standard
  • Query and Manipulate the DOM and respond to DOM events using JQuery
  • Create a SharePoint add-in
  • Use JSOM to communicate with SharePoint
  • Use REST to communicate with SharePoint, optionally using OAuth for authentication
  • Use JSLink to customize how SharePoint renders parts of the interface
  • Have an understanding of what Breeze.js can do within a SharePoint context
  • Write a Single Page Application using Angular.js within SharePoint